Fab 5: Faith-Based Clothing Brands

Keagan Henman on Unsplash

 Hi Everyone and happy December!

I was scrolling through my Instagram last night and was like “I want that”, “that’s a nice shirt” “that design is different”, so then I asked myself “do people know about these awesome faith-based apparel brands?” Just like music, I believe fashion can be an outlet to expressing your faith, and it can make a powerful statement without you ever having to utter a word.  

Here’s my top 5 faith-based apparel brands, and if you see something you like be sure to show these brands and creators some love! 

#1 – Solomon Clothing 

Solomon Clothing was the first faith-based brand that I discovered on Instagram and what I loved the most is their simplistic approach to t-shirts. I purchased their “PRAY” t-shirt and loved the feel of the fabric; it has a lush feel to it. I also love following them on Instagram because they post scriptures regularly and words of encouragement. 

#2 – Trulife Apparel 

I haven’t been following Trulife for long, but what immediately grabbed my attention was their hoodies with their graphics and fonts. Their men’s hoodies are on point, and I would rock them myself! My favorite being the “Voice of Truth” hoodie, with “Faith, Grace, Truth” on the sleeves. SO NICE! They also have a blog that’s worth checking out as well. 

#3 – OneThread Apparel 

I was moved by Sean’s story and the purpose that God has for OneThread, it’s simply amazing! For every item sold, a portion of the proceeds goes towards a family who cares for a child with special needs. I was so encouraged by Sean that he was able to find beauty and joy from a difficult circumstance. One of my favorite pieces is the “I’m the clay” hoodie, because of it’s simple message and clean design. 

#4 – EllyandGrace

This one is for the ladies! EllyandGrace offer a good selection of shirts, have plus size options AND have kids clothing! 3 points for the win! What more could you want!? What I love most about the website is that they show you how you can style their shirts with accessories and shoes. I think what sometimes gets lost is that people look at it as just another shirt, when it can be so much more. You can declare your faith AND look fashionable. I naturally gravitated to the “Beauty for Ashes” shirt because that’s one of my favorite verses in the bible. 

#5 – Lily Reese

Lily Reese is another apparel company with women in mind and has a wide selection of shirts and hoodies, and have sizes from XS-3XL. I have to say that I love the name Lily Reese, check out the story behind it here. My two favorite pieces are “Game Changing Strategy” and “Sunday’s Are for Jesus & Football“, I’m a football fan so I can relate to that one personally. Again, I love that the message on the shirts are different and the choice of fonts make them feel fresh. 

Author: Athaleyah

Writing is my creative outlet and music serves as the soundtrack to my life. I try to live my best life everyday, I'm only able to do it by the grace of God

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