Our Work, His Delight

Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this on my blog but as of now I’m just over a month and a half away from my wedding day. Sometimes There’s times when I still need to take a moment and just remind myself of the fact that I’m going to be married soon; and sometimes the littlest things will stop me in my tracks and I say to myself that “this is really happening!

In this whole process I devoted myself to getting back to a place of being healthy, not to fit into a dress for one day, or to have people say, “you look great.” But to treat my body the way that I’m supposed to. Working out is something that I’ve always enjoyed, going back to middle school and developing proper technique and creating workout plans in high school. It’s something that has always kept me balanced and is a major source of stress relief. Especially in the finance industry that I work in, you go through times of major stress and high pressure. I learned that it’s a marathon not a sprint to get through those time of stress and high pressure; one day at a time, at a slow, steady and even pace.

A few weeks ago, I was about to begin a workout and was looking at myself in the mirror and a sense of satisfaction and absolute joy came over me because I could see the results of my hard work. Those times of working out after a 12 hour day, and coming home to cook instead of buying something convenient on the way home. I wasn’t at the point of completely achieving my goal, but I was beginning to see the fruits of my labor. Then God spoke to me and said this is the delight I feel when you are walking in your purpose and begin to fulfill what I have set out for you.

I know all the things you do. I have seen your love, your faith, your service and your patient endurance. And I can see your constant improvement in all these things.

Revelation 2:19 (NLT)

WOAH! That caused me to pause for a moment, because God gave his only son just so I could have a chance. A chance at life, a chance at having liberty, freedom and to fulfill something greater than myself because I’ve come to know the Savior. For me to show God that His ultimate sacrifice wasn’t in vain touches my heart in such a way that I can’t describe. For me to know that I am a fruit of His labor, and that He is finding delight in me fulfilling what he has destined for my life almost brings me to the point of being overwhelmed with gratefulness.

QUESTION: What is something that you’ve started and despite it not being complete, you’ve found joy in the progress that’s been made?

Author: Athaleyah

Writing is my creative outlet and music serves as the soundtrack to my life. I try to live my best life everyday, I'm only able to do it by the grace of God

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