Fab 5: Podcasts I Listen To On The Regular

Photo by Melanie Pongratz on Unsplash

In celebration of International Podcast Day, here are five podcasts that I listen to on the regular. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to spot a theme fairly quickly. I’m always open to new podcast suggestions so if there’s something that you’re listening to that you absolutely love, be sure to drop a comment!

#1 – Pardon the Interruption

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are two of my favorite hosts on the sports debate scene. and anyone who has had a chance to listen to them can begin to understand why. Their witty, full of humor, and aren’t afraid to call themselves “old guys”. Another thing I love about Pardon the Interruption (PTI) is that topics are generally 2 minutes in length, so they are forced to get straight to the point, without having the opportunity to become repetitive which is common among other sports debate shows. PTI is also aired on TV, but I’m at work so the podcast is the most logical alternative.

#2 – Business Wars

Many people don’t know this, but I am a huge comic book fan. So when I discovered a series simply called “Marvel vs DC” on Business Wars, I had to take a chance on it. After about 45 seconds I was hooked, Business Wars tells the story of two rival companies and goes through their history of trying to out duel and out smart each other. Episodes are typically 25 minutes and a series is about six episodes, and are updated twice a week. The production and narration for this podcast is stellar, definitely worth a subscription!

#3 – Front Burner – CBC News

Now channeling my inner adult, and realizing that I need to be informed about current events and what’s happening in the political realm, one of my go to news podcasts is Front Burner by CBC News. I really like Front Burner because it’s specific to Canadian news content and goes in depth on one major event or headline per episode. It’s not my only news source but I think it’s a great supplemental piece that’s easy to follow and is updated every weekday.

#4 – Sports Wars

Stemming from the Wondery podcast family, Sports Wars shares the same format as Business Wars – just with a focus on sports rivalries. Again, the narration by Dan Rubenstein is on point and at the end of each series there is an interview featuring a journalist or author who closely followed the rivalry.

#5 – OverDrive

I can’t remember exactly how I came across OverDrive, but I’m glad I did for the sheer ridiculousness that ensues on this podcast everyday. Even though the podcast is Toronto sports focused, it doesn’t bother me one bit because the hosts and weekly segments are hilarious. A personal favorite of mine being Gerry’s Percentages on Wednesday. Plus there’s 3 hours of content every weekday, a bonus in my book for the afternoon drag at work.

Author: Athaleyah

Writing is my creative outlet and music serves as the soundtrack to my life. I try to live my best life everyday, I'm only able to do it by the grace of God

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