Day 6 – 12 Days of Blogmas | Our Boxing Day Traditions

Athaleyah | Living Waters Lifestyle

I’m officially at the half way point – Day 6! When I thought about doing this and sat down to plan out my topics I became worried because I haven’t blogged for 6 days straight before, but it’s been so much fun to just go with the flow for 12 days. Let’s get straight into talking about “Boxing Day Traditions”

So I know Boxing Day isn’t a recognized holiday everywhere around the world, but in Canada people mainly block off that day for shopping and… I don’t really know what else, but most people take all their Christmas gift cards and money and go to the mall to shop for deals. I did it once and after about the first 15 minutes I thought, this is a complete waste of time and frankly it was mentally exhausting. The crowds, the lineups – all for deals that I can get in January!? NO THANK YOU! Last year, my then fiancé and I were really intentional with how we wanted to spend the day because we knew that we wanted to start developing our own thing.

Here’s what we did:

Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash
  • Spent the entire day in our pajamas (I chose a onesie)
  • Worked on a puzzle – last year we did a Robin Hood puzzle, this year it’s Star Wars, 1000 pieces
  • Listened to an audiobook while working on the puzzle
  • Ate terribly – we went a little crazy on the junk food
  • Cooked dinner – this year we’re doing a BBQ steak dinner

It was fun – as simple as it sounds, that’s what it was. It perfectly captured who we are as a couple and played right into our interests. The saddest part was when I had to go home – we weren’t living together because we weren’t married yet, and a part of me was sad that a perfect day was coming to an end. But at the same time I knew that we were beginning something that would continue into marriage.

The entire Christmas season is about creating your own traditions, there isn’t a right way or wrong way to do things. But just be willing to try new things!

Author: Athaleyah

Writing is my creative outlet and music serves as the soundtrack to my life. I try to live my best life everyday, I'm only able to do it by the grace of God

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