“The Mandalorian”, A Show That Checks All the Boxes

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I think that the term or label “Christian blogger” or just being “Christian” in this day and age, causes people try to figure you out and if you will be able to relate to them in any way or not. I describe it as “silo thinking” – categorizing things and/or people into the appropriate silos that are independent of each other.

But as I’ve said before, and is one of the main reasons why I started this blog, was that my faith influences and intersects with everything that I do; and I’ve always wanted to share about how I don’t consider my faith to be an independent silo. I think of my faith as a flowing river or stream of water that flows from the mountains to a body of water, that intersects and runs through a city and eventually makes its way to the ocean…

Still following me? Have a little bit of Scrabble face? That’s ok, what I want to highlight is that my faith intersects with everything that I do and the environments that I’m in. Including what I watch (and what I don’t), the music I listen to, what topics interest me, and what topics frustrate me to no end! I know some of you are asking – what does this have to do with “The Mandalorian”? I’m getting to that below so stay with me while I connect the dots!

It Begins With a Story

I think it’s appropriate to through out this disclaimer – I am by no means a Star Wars buff. I didn’t see a Star Wars movie until earlier this year after I got married. My husband on the other hand is a Star Wars fan through and through, top to bottom. But after watching Star Wars: A New Hope, I was hooked! I grew up reading a ton of books, so I love the slow build of a story and getting drawn into the characters, and watching a classic good vs. evil story unfold. I’m telling you, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The Mandalorian picks up on these elements and runs with them so well! I became so emotionally invested in the characters, their backstories, and there was a clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys; protagonist vs. antagonist.

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

What does this have to do with my faith? The Bible is a story of good vs. evil, that is developed as a singular, cohesive story across various books. You have the choice to pick a side in which the consequences clearly expressed but still the choice is yours.

Quality vs. Quantity

The Mandalorian only has eight episodes (or chapters) in the first season. Which at the beginning of watching it I thought could be a great thing or the executives at Disney didn’t have much hope for the series. But the former is most definitely true – the quality of each episode is what makes this series a stand out. With guest directors, there can be a lack of cohesion in the tone and style of each episode, but honestly they nailed it. Which with eight episodes you can keep a grip on those elements in a greater capacity. You won’t get a case of the mid-season lull here.

What does this have to do with my faith? God looks at the quality of our work and efforts, not the quantity. You can do the one thing you were called to do great, or do many things sub par, or just average.

Overall Content

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to just sit down, watch a show, and not have to grit my teeth in apprehension of the next upcoming explicit and/or sexually suggestive content. Yes, I know it’s Disney so there’s a line they won’t cross, but even in the latest Marvel movies the boundaries have been pushed in not so obvious ways. I will say that I’ve always had a sensitivity to swearing so in that regard, The Mandalorian checks even more boxes with the clean dialogue.

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash

What does this have to do with my faith? Personally, I have to be cautious with the things that I hear and watch because it can effect my mood and thoughts. The Bible says in Phillippians 4:7:

and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


My husband and I are pretty similar in establishing that boundary, so to be able to watch something together that we both have peace with, and are able to unwind with was awesome.

Final Thoughts

If you couldn’t already tell, I loved season one of The Mandalorian!

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash

Season two isn’t scheduled to be released until November 2020, so great patience will definitely need to be exercised here. But all in all, I would recommend this as a must watch for seasoned veterans to the Star Wars franchise, as well as to newbies like me. If you’ve watched it, let me know your thoughts!

P.S. If you like episode breakdowns and learning about easter eggs, I highly recommend going over to New Rockstars on Youtube. They’ve done breakdowns for The Mandalorian, as well as all things Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc. One of my favourite YT channels that I subscribe to. Check out the breakdown of EP #1 of The Mandalorian here:

Author: Athaleyah

Writing is my creative outlet and music serves as the soundtrack to my life. I try to live my best life everyday, I'm only able to do it by the grace of God

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  1. “I think of my faith as a flowing river or stream of water that flows from the mountains to a body of water, that intersects and runs through a city and eventually makes its way to the ocean”…so well put and I absolutely agree! We aren’t supposed to have a distinction between who we are with God and who we are with other people.

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